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Other Services (4)

Bathroom Remodeling and Improvements in NYC and Brooklyn

Simply Replacing a Single Vanity can significantly increase the look of your bathroom. But when you decide to completely renovate our Handymen Team is here to help. With over 15 years of experience Handyman of NY can make your dream bathroom come true. Contact us at 347-510-7000 for FREE in-home consultation - for a plan that meets your needs and budget.

Handyman Provides Complete Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Renovation in Brooklyn shouldn’t be expensive and Handyman of NY makes it possible. We offer affordable remodeling and improvements Services in NYC and Brooklyn. From simple light fixture replacement to a complete renovation. Our Prices starts at $2500 with the bathroom cabinet and floor tile included

Kitchen remodeling and improvement in Brooklyn and NYC

Remodeling not only enhances the beauty of a place but also increase its worth. Therefore don’t overlook your kitchen, for availing our Kitchen Renovation services in Brooklyn please contact us at 347-510-7000.

Deck Maintenance and Repair

Handyman Provides Deck Repair Service in Brooklyn and NYC

Deck offers a great and beautiful relaxing outdoor spot in your home for You and your Family. But it's very important to stay up to date with care and maintenance in order to enjoy that space. And we understand that You have better plans to spend your weekend, let us take care of Your investment.

Our professional handymen are always there for you with all Your Deck Maintenance and Repairs needs.

Contact Us 347-510-7000  


Deck Power Washing and Staining

Handyman of NY offers professional and affordable power washing and staining services in New York and Brooklyn, we also service Queens and Rockaway Beach Area.

Deck Maintenance

Most of the area are easy to repair but if some are beyond repair but Handyman of NY can offer the replacemenmt of the rotten or damaged area with same kind of wood. You can trust us with any deck installation service. These small repairs will extend the life and beaty of your deck.

Soon You will enjoy again the fresh and attractive looking deck like the first day it was installed


Handyman offers the best Cost in Brooklyn and NYC


Schedule appointment with Us today and Keep You deck like New how you always wanted it to be



Handyman Offers Drywal Repair

Drywall Repair is important and money saving service around the house and apartment. Our Handymen provide spackling and leak repair services.

Drywall Repair Cost in NYC and Brooklyn

Drywall Repair starts at $85 which cover small nails holes to a 6" hole of damaged drywall

For a bigger project give us a call for a accurate estimate

Tile and Grout Repair Service

Cracked Tile or Grout may seem like a big problem, but Handyman of NY seen it all, though it doesnt require complete renovation it requiers repair, cracked tile and grout may cause leak.

Complete Re-Grout Service

If You notice grout that missing between the tiles or cracked in Your Bathroom, Shower or Kitchen it's a sign that it's time to regrout. Complete ReGrout is tile repair process that keeps the look and quality in the Bathroom or Kitchen.

Tile Repair and ReGrout Service Cost

Complete Tile ReGrout for Standart Bathroom 5x4 total of approximately 100 Sq. f - starts at $375 with all materials included. 

Broken Tile and ReGrout Gallery


You on the right track choosing Reliable and Trustworthy Handyman for Your next project. Full Service, Locally Owned and Operated Business - Offering Residential and Commercial Services. We Do our job professionally, competently and in timely fashion. We proudly Stand behind our work because customer's satisfaction is our top priority. Servicing Manhattan NYC, Brooklyn and Long Island


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